Neste people taking a break.

Neste people are creators of change

It’s people who bring the strategy to life. Together we take Neste forward and foster our values driven culture. We want our work at Neste to feel good and do good.

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Neste people taking a break.

We’re inspired by Neste’s purpose to create a healthier planet for our children and bring  everyone onboard by embracing diversity, equity and inclusion. Values are at the core of our culture and help guide us to succeed in everyday work and grow together:

We care for each other’s wellbeing and safety.

We have courage to innovate and try new things. 

We cooperate with our colleagues, customers and stakeholders.

We lead the way to speed up transformation for a sustainable future. We care for generations to come and for those of today.

We are a community for you to grow with and let your courage and curiosity flow. Together, we can make an impact today and keep our promises for tomorrow.

We are Neste.

Our culture - Neste is built by people with passion

Our culture is built on shared values, and it reflects everyone’s commitment to fostering belonging, and the conscious choices and decisions we make daily.

Safety has always been the cornerstone of all we do at Neste. The role of innovation and sustainability became more and more significant as we accelerated our focus on renewable and circular solutions.

Neste’s spirit has been shaped by a legacy of rising up to challenges and succeeding together. The values and culture shaped along our history are the same ones that take us forward as we continue to push the boundaries and create a healthier planet for our children.

At Neste, people are the driving force behind our strategy. Our way of leading drives clarity, supports growth and empowers renewal. We all have a role in contributing to our success. Together we drive Neste forward. 

That is who our culture is for. For creators of change.

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At Neste we work smart

Depending on the job description, flexible working hours and remote working opportunities make work more meaningful and enhance work-life balance.

Smart Work is our common way of working that ensures we can succeed, and we believe teams know best how to get the job done most productively, together. Neste also enables remote work abroad to meet employee expectations, enable agile and flexible working and to support employees’ wellbeing.

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We value diversity

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are central to our values-led culture and ways of working, human rights work and sustainability vision.

As an increasingly diverse multicultural company, enhancing DEI is at the very heart of developing our employee experience and working towards our strategic goals. 

We value diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and insights to perform, innovate and execute our strategy. At Neste, we want everyone to feel safe, respected and encouraged to be their unique true selves.

Read more about DEI.

At Neste we embrace continuous learning

We are a community for you to grow with and let your curiosity flow. We encourage and support each other to find inspiring paths across organizations and roles and enable, recognize as well as reward a job well done.

In an increasingly challenging and evolving business environment, the growth and continuous learning of our people is crucial. We offer versatile competence development possibilities and ensure that every individual has the opportunity to grow towards their personal career aspirations.  

Everyone is encouraged to give and ask for feedback and to have regular one-to-one discussions with their line managers. This provides them with the clarity, support, and empowerment needed to do their job well and develop further. Development discussions offer the opportunity to cover such topics as competences and development, wellbeing, values, and short- and long-term career goals, as well as review of the status of those goals. 

We support our people in actively seeking ways to develop themselves and foster their growth. Read some of our employees’ growth stories

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We are all leaders

At Neste, everyone is considered as a leader. We all have a role in driving clarity, supporting the growth of our people and empowering new perspectives.

As we pursue our ambitious strategic goals, we acknowledge the importance of developing competencies to lead by our company values. To support this, we have built a tailored leadership model and made learning opportunities, such as leadership development programs, concepts, and support materials available. 

Neste`s key program for leadership development is called “We Lead”, and is targeted towards all Neste employees, with separate versions available for both direct line managers as well as for experts without direct subordinates.

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Each voice is heard

At Neste, every individual’s thoughts and ideas matter. Through continuous dialogue, we maintain an understanding of how our people are doing.

For us, it is important to know what the employee experience at Neste is like and how we see ourselves advancing the joint journey towards our goals. These valuable insights support leadership, decision making and help drive Neste forward.

Our broad annual employee engagement survey is supplemented by shorter pulse and employee journey related surveys. Active participation shows people want to contribute and results indicate they value the meaningfulness of both their own and Neste’s work, including the importance of safety and responsibility in everything we do. Teams discuss their results, agree on actions to take, and follow up on them.

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We succeed together

Our employees are rewarded for good performance, believing that fair compensation spurs us to strive for excellence.

Neste’s remuneration principles promote the implementation of our strategy, encourage people to perform to the best of their ability, and create transparency in rewarding by implementing common processes and the uniformity of the principles. Different countries apply the principles in accordance with the local collective agreements, labor market conditions and competitive situation. 

We inspire our people to succeed and to grow in their work by setting challenging and meaningful goals. People are rewarded for a job well done. We recognize high performance and Neste’s value based behavior in achieving business goals and renewal for the future. We believe in reaching our goals and aspirations through collaboration.

Our rewards aim to attract, retain, and motivate Neste employees. Neste’s total compensation approach is a mix of base pay, incentives, benefits, and various non-monetary elements, such as a safe, healthy and inclusive working environment and appealing career development opportunities. Our rewards solutions are built on market competitiveness, business needs, our values and appraised by performance and impact of the role.

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