Building partnerships and ecosystems

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Collaboration is one the core values of Neste - only by working together, we succeed in reaching our mission, to create a healthier planet for our children. We bring together our people, customers, partners and societies.

At Neste, we partner with research centers and universities to tap into the latest scientific findings. We co-develop technologies and new value chains with our industrial partners and startups. We partner with EU and companies through joint undertakings such as Hydrogen Europe, Biobased Industries Consortium and European Chemical Industry Council. We collaborate with international companies and brands to get close to the end customers and to jointly demonstrate the possibilities of the latest technologies.

Neste Veturi

Neste Veturi R&D program

We constantly develop technologies that increase the energy efficiency and diminish the carbon footprint of traditional oil refining.

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Working together across our value chain is key to creating innovative and sustainable solutions that make a positive impact.

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How we collaborate with academia to capture latest technologies

Our innovation teams work closely with universities and research centers all over the world to capture the latest research.

We’re always interested in hearing about top-notch research and novel technologies. Neste has strategic cooperation with Aalto University, Åbo Akademi and VTT (The Technical Research Centre Finland) and we also collaborate with international partners. Other external partnerships are made at Neste in two different formats - either in bilateral collaboration or in a consortium, with several external parties. Neste Veturi R&D program is an example of an ecosystem where Neste has plenty of R&D consortia to co-develop solutions with us for sustainable fuels and chemicals.

Collaboration with technology providers and startups

When partnering with technology providers and startups, our focus is on mature technologies and technologies on their way to maturity, but we are also ready to co-develop viable ideas in their early stages.

We can offer our R&D and engineering knowhow to co-develop and commercialize new innovations. To this end we are also prepared to make equity investments in startups. Read more about Neste Venturing here. If you are a startup developing a new solution or a mature technology provider looking to partner with one of the technology leaders of the industry, please be in touch via our contact form.

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